How to Clean my PC for Free

How to Clean my PC for Free to  improve performance


How to Clean my PC for Free: There are many things that a computer requires you to do in order to keep it working as if it were brand

How to Clean my PC for Free

How to Clean my PC for Free

new, of course the computer is programmed to work with ease for very long periods of time but a few maintenance techniques should also supplement the computers programming. Anyone that has used a computer for a long time has probably experienced some trouble with their equipment this may sometimes include the computer’s speed when it comes to internet loading or general loading of programs on the computer. I faced some of these problems and decided to do a casual research on How to Clean my PC for Free and what could be the problem with my computer and while I was at it I found several tips on How to clean My PC for Free.


The details below can be used for any PC but most especially for those running different versions of Windows operating system. The main idea here is to keep your computer working for the longest time possible without having to face the numerous challenges and inconveniences that many people go through because of lack of knowledge about their equipment. First of all it is important that anyone that is using a computer must always follow the instructions on the manual book that usually comes with the computer this is very vital because it will help avoid many unnecessary inconveniences and mistakes that people usually make.


How to Clean my PC for Free


How to Clean My PC For Free; TIPS


  • RAM; This stands for Random Access Memory, it is the part of the computer where applications that are used are loaded. It is important to note that the computer’s RAM can be used up when multiple applications are on and when this happens the speed of loading is significantly reduced. This type of a problem can easily be corrected by an increase of the computer’s RAM, for example if your computer has a RAM of 512 megabytes you can easily increase it to 2 gigabytes. Most types of RAM can easily be purchased from local computer stores and they are very easy to install although you are advised to always seek the help of an expert to help, they are also very affordable and the prices depend on the size of the memory you want.

If you wish to know how much RAM your computer has, simply click on Start point to All Programs; point to Accessories then System Tools and to System Information. You will then be able to see the total Physical Memory and there you will find the RAM.


  • Disk Space: if your computer has been working for a long time and you have stored a lot of files or data on the disk then there is a possibility that you have run out of disk space or maybe the space has reduced significantly and for that reason the computer may not function as you would wish it to. There is an easy solution to this as the computer itself usually has a disk clean up option that if you click would get rid of useless data that is crowding up your disk. Another option is to add more disk space, this can easily be done with the installation of another hard disk that may be internal or external, and these can be obtained locally from stores that deal with computer equipments.


How to Clean My PC For Free and Make Windows Run Faster


As was earlier mentioned disk clean up is a very effective means of making the computer start working faster again, the disk clean up basically starts by calculating the space that is available for clean up then it indicates to the user these files, it is after this that the user can decide which files to delete and which ones to leave. There are many files that we usually delete from the computer but in actual sense still remain stored in some in active part of the computer memory, for example when you delete something from the computer it is usually sent to the recycle bin, in actual sense the item is not done away with because it can still be restored and therefore it remains in the computer’s memory. It is only when we empty the recycle bin that the item is completely erased from the computer. There are also some data that is stored on the computer when you open the internet, these are usually temporary files that are only helpful when you log into a specific site that you were on in the internet. It is these kinds of temporary files that are usually deleted by the disk clean up system.


There are also times when files get scattered all over the computer instead of being packed together, for this reason the machine takes a relatively longer time to gather all the necessary information in order to process a task because it has to collect all the scattered data to work effectively. It is here that the disk defragmenter is most useful as it gathers all these files and re arranges them to make them work as they should.

The other thing that you should do to answer the question “How to Clean my PC for Free”  is to get rid of trial software, there are a number of computers that come with free trial software that most of the time end up not being used and these are usually left on the computer with unknowing users. Some of this software may include free anti virus programs, free business offers, internet service providers and so on. This is a good tip on How to Clean My PC for Free.


Having done that you should also get rid of Malware, these are just unnecessary infections to the computer and may also be called viruses, a good anti virus can help you get rid of these. Finally you should clean up the system tray; this is the area with tiny icons at the bottom right hand of your screen this icons represent programs that start automatically when the computer is put on but they are not very important. These are the simple techniques I used to answer my question on How to Clean My PC for Free.

I hope you enjoy this artcile about How to Clean my PC for Free.